Appointment Thank You

This page is for telling you, Thank You…

Your appointment has been successfully scheduled, and you should expect a email confirmation anytime over the next few moments. You should expect a call as well, to confirm the appointment and obtain additional information to the reason for the appointment.

 Have ready any important information that may be asked, will help troubleshoot a solution to your problem.

We often ask for;

  • Manufacture – Type (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer, Asus, etc)
  • Make & Model – Inspiron (Often this is.. Presario, Optiplex, ROG, etc) followed by Numbers.
  • Operating System – Windows, Apple (7, 8.1, 10, & Server)
  • Network Ethernet or Wireless

If this issue is Application Specific;

  • Application Name – Office, Adobe, Exchange, Google Chrome!
  • Application Version – (normally can be found in the ‘Help’ menu of the app.)
  • Can You Repeat the Problem – Try closing the app, and try the same steps again, if it happens again remember what point lead you there)
  • Life Pro Tip – Updates are the bane of our existence, and lately, this “cloud” world we live in now, if your application is behind on it’s updates, the solution could be fixed by updating it.

Is the Whole Office Offline/Down/On Fire!?

  • UnHelpful Pro Tip – Have you tried turning the modem off, and back on again?  (I had to say it)
  • Backups – Making sure this is not a ‘situation on fire’, check to see if the server is working, and if the backup drives are blinking! If so, All should be fine…
  • Fire Fire Fire, Help! – That backup drive attached to the server… Now is a good time to grab it, and exit the building as safely as possible.  (maybe this tip should have been first?)
  • Only the Internet is Down – Typically the modem is at fault and if it isn’t the modem, it’s the local ISP…  In which case, we wait…