A Happy New Year to us in the State of Texas, and to our clients with SNX Consulting. All is well, and sunny.

To reflect on last year’s 2022 year, SNX Consulting spent the near entirety without posting much. Well this year that will change. We are only 3 days into the new year and we have had our first Problem within the office. Simple Electrical problem. UPS batteries could only stay working for so long.

0730 01-03-2023 : Power Failure Event discovered at the HomeLab.

Discovered whole half of House is without Power. Located cause of Power fault, attempting to remediate the situation.

1230 : Power Failure Event : Troubleshooted

Figured out a shorted Electrical Outlet that has a TV connected to it. Outlet Needs Replacing

1500 : Power Restored and all Operations are back online. Home Office is getting warm again.

Joseph Forbes (691)

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