On March 11th at the Kirby Baptist Church on Old Seguin Rd off from Farm Road 78. From 9AM to 5PM, SNX Consulting will be available to answer your questions about Technology, Networking, PC Repairs, Website Development, and everything in-between.

You have questions about why your Home Wireless is not “good enough”.

Questions like, How can I keep my computer protected?”

Or even a quick review of your smartphone / tablet device, we will be available to help you understand it, and possibly a free / low-cost solution.

If in case weather doesn’t permit, the 25th is the alternate date for this event if we are rained out.

Joseph Forbes (691)

Information Technology Consultant. For SMB, SOHO, and Online business. From Computers to Telecommunications this guy has been into it since hippies made it hip. Drone Pilot and Tech Aficionado I get to travel the State of Texas to help businesses succeed.