Managed Services

What our managed services involves is, having Agents on each workstation, server & device in your business. This allows us to Remote Monitor and Manage your infrastructure. Telemetry on Performance, and Patch Management Reports. Our customized RMM solution for your business can include Anti-Virus & Malware Protection, Web Filtering, Cloud Backups and more.


Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data

If you found our site and were lead to this page, we offer ways to recover your data. But before we can help, you need to ensure that to minimize the risk of further data-loss you protect the media as much as possible.  One of the first steps to Data Loss is to identify what happened. 

Assess the Data Loss situation

Secure the Media source of Data Loss

Disaster Recovery Proceedures.

Backups & Restoration Testing

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Preventing Data Loss

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What People Are Saying

I lost my bitcoin wallet information due to a upgrade to my OS.  We were able to recover my lost wallet after a few hours of work.  I’m grateful for the expert service I received.

Ruby Reyes

One of our applications stopped working, and the vendor who sold it went out of business.  Joseph was able to put together a VM solution to allow us to keep using our application on our enw workstations.

Anita Williams

Monarch Dental

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