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Tips & Tricks for Troubleshooting Issues in Microsoft Office 2010
Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT
Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation
Learn how to fix simple mistakes, problems and troubleshooting strategies for working with Microsoft Office System. Learn where to look and what to do IF and when certain situations occur such as application recovery and version control as well as updates and security for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel.
Introduction to Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Office 2010 (Level 100)
Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT
Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation
Get the most out of the Microsoft Office 2010 System. As someone beginning to use Microsoft Office 2010, you will learn about new features and timesavers to help in your day-to-day work. This session is good for beginner, intermediate, or advanced users – everyone will learn something! The Microsoft Office System has evolved from a suite of personal productivity products to a more comprehensive and integrated system. This presentation will demonstrate useful tips and tricks for Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Intermediate Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Office 2010 (Level 200)
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT
Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation
Get even more out of the Microsoft Office 2010 System. As someone who has worked with the Microsoft Office system for some time, you will discover efficient ways to configure, customize and utilize Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook to get the most out of Microsoft Office. The presentation will demonstrate useful tips and tricks for Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. In addition, you will see useful ways to interact between these Microsoft applications.

Boost Security and Performance, Satisfy Users and IT with New Business-Class Ultrabooks™

Discover how you can meet users’ expectations for style and performance, strengthen security, and make system management easier with the ultra secure, ultra sleek Ultrabook™, a new business-class device inspired by Intel. In this session, we explore what makes an Ultrabook™, an Ultrabook™  and take a look at the HP EliteBook Folio 9470m  Ultrabook™ based on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.View this webinar to learn:

  • What user capabilities are part of the business Ultrabook™ platform from Intel,
  • The role that Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor technology plays in managing and securing your PC fleet,
  • About the HP Folio Elitebook 9470M.

We wrap up with a quick overview of IT services and on-staff expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies to help you select and deploy business Ultrabooks™ in your organization.
Presented in Partnership with Intel


Launch into a New World of OS Efficiency with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8

Lenovo has combined its best hardware and the new Windows 8 OS to create Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8. View this webinar to discover what Lenovo’s commitment to innovation and leadership means for your organization.

  • After trailblazing with Microsoft and Intel on a quicker, responsive, and agile Windows  7 environment, Lenovo raised the bar with new products designed specifically for optimizing and enhancing your Windows 8 experience.
  • Lenovo didn’t just create cool, new, light, powerful, and “twisting” devices. They have also included software advantages and details aimed at launching your organization into a new world of OS efficiency, coupled with Lenovo’s lower total cost of ownership.

View now for a detailed look at new Lenovo devices with rock-solid design that are easy to deploy, support, use, and maintain.  We also review services available from the PC Connection family of companies to fully support your technology refresh.
Presented in Partnership with Lenovo


The Software-Defined Data Center—Discover a New Approach to Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing enables organizations to deliver new services, maximize results, and support employee productivity. View this two-part webinar series to explore an innovative infrastructure platform: the software-defined data center.In the first segment you’ll discover:
• How a software-defined data center removes complexity by recasting compute, storage, networking, and security as virtual software services
• How organizations can derive greater value from virtualization and cloud infrastructure investments with technologies that offer visibility and control of infrastructure and application health and performance, service costs, and risks
• How VMware vCloud® Suite simplifies IT operations and delivers the best service-level agreements (SLAs) for all applicationsIn the second segment you’ll learn about solutions to support your IT team as you build a long-term cloud strategy. We’ll present services available from the PC Connection family of companies like our comprehensive VMware Total Performance Analysis that helps you prepare your virtual infrastructure for the future.Presented in Partnership with VMware

Defining Your Workspace—How to Conquer IT Challenges to Mobile Freedom

Employees, contractors, and guests want to connect their personal tablet computers and smartphones to your organization’s Wi-Fi networks. Can you handle the wave of personal devices without being overwhelmed by users and traffic?View this two-part webinar series to discover a way to support greater device freedom while ensuring your networks’ performance and security. In Part 1, we outline the challenges of bringing these devices onto the network and how you can turn this challenge into an opportunity to make your users more connected and more productive.While leveraging the 8X performance improvement of the new 802.11n standard is a great first step, Cisco has gone further and added a series of mobility services to their wireless networks.View Part 2 to discover how Cisco’s mobility services handle client demand and create consistent and resilient mobile experiences for your most bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive traffic.Presented in Partnership with Cisco  

Windows Server 2012: Go Beyond Virtualization—Cloud Optimize Your IT

Windows Server 2012 has hundreds of new features and enhancements—spanning virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and more—as well as new licensing options.In this webinar, our team of PC Connection Microsoft experts guides you through the intricacies of Microsoft’s latest Server OS, from the most relevant new features and benefits through licensing changes you need to know about.View this webinar and learn:

  • The new features and benefits of Windows Server 2012
  • What these changes mean for your business
  • Your choices when it comes to editions
  • How licensing has changed and migration paths

We wrap up with a quick overview of IT services and on-staff expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies to help you optimize your software licensing and achieve your organization’s virtualization objectives.
Presented in partnership with Microsoft


Tips and Techniques for Building a Converged Data Center

As organizations continue to virtualize their data centers, convergence can offer a path to better performance and faster response via a simplified, automated environment. What’s more, the decisions you make about how to pursue convergence can have short- and long-term effects on budgets and the ability of your infrastructure to adapt to changing requirements in the years to come.Join us for an in-depth exploration of tips and techniques that can help you take advantage of convergence’s promise today, while building in flexibility for the future.View this webinar and learn:
• The common pressures that convergence addresses
• How a converged data center can reduce costs, complexity, and labor-intensive manual tasks
• The key technology components of a converged data center
• The benefits of Dell’s open approach to convergenceWe wrap up with a quick overview of IT services and on-staff expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies to help you achieve greater productivity, manageability, and scalability in your data center.Presented in partnership with Dell

Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Want to increase your data center’s performance, agility, and scalability?View this webinar to discover how VSPEX solutions—developed by industry leaders EMC, Cisco, and VMware—can help you:
• Simplify Your Infrastructure—VSPEX will help you transform from a physical and dedicated environment to a shared virtualized infrastructure
• Speed Deployment—Rapidly deploy virtual machines and application servers in minutes with VMware’s vMotion and vSphere High-Availability
• Boost Performance—Maximize performance with Cisco Nexus networking and Cisco UCS integrated with EMC storage and backup
• Reduce Costs—Lower capital expenses by 20–40% and operating expenses by up to 40% with Cisco UCSWe wrap up with a quick overview of the IT services and on-staff expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies. Learn how we can help you meet your organization’s virtualization objectives.Presented in partnership with Cisco, EMC, and VMware

The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution: Support Device Freedom
Without Compromising Network Security

Many organizations would like to offer employees the option to work using their own computing devices, but security remains a top concern. View this two-part webinar series to discover a way to support greater device freedom without compromising your network’s security.In Part 1, you’ll learn about networking, security, and management technologies that create a reliable and highly secure solution for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).You’ll learn how you can:
• Detect devices and users and automate adding new devices to the network
• Enforce policy across all devices
• Manage wired, wireless, VPN, and security with a “single pane of glass”Then join us for an exciting demo. View Part 2 to see the ins and outs of deploying a validated, low-risk, end-to-end BYOD solution that avoids unnecessary network upgrades and deploys rapidly.Presented in partnership with Cisco

Q&A Roundtable with the Pros:
Deploying Mac® in a Windows Environment

Join us for a roundtable discussion with our on-staff Apple® technology experts. They will answer your most frequently asked questions about deploying Mac in a Windows environment.Attend this presentation to learn about the tools and options you have to:

  • Integrate Mac into your network and your Active Directory environment
  • Ensure that all systems are tied to the policies governed by your directory services
  • Manage and secure Mac systems
  • Train and support your Mac users
  • Audit and confirm compliance

Register today, and let’s get started.
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