Website Analytics Report Services

ga-logoWeb Analytic Services

Our web analytic services provide the opportunity to measure website successes and failures quickly. And that enables us to respond right away. It allows us to make changes to our clients’ websites and determine how productive those changes are quickly and efficiently.
You have a website! Do you know how many people are visiting it? Web analytics can answer that and many other questions about your site’s performance.
Our web analytic services consists of analyzing your web marketing progress. It is a continuous process and is customized to meet your needs. The first step is to analyze your goals. Next, we analyze your progress in reaching those goals. Then we set a plan of action to improve your marketing performance.

Take Action To Improve Your Site’s Performance

The first step you need to take is to call us. We will help layout your goals and develop a plan of action.

Implement The Plan

content_promo_integrationContent Experiments: Test and improve your web pages

Eliminate the guesswork from designing your website. Test variations of your pages so you know which designs lead to the most conversions. You can simply set up these tests in Google Analytics, under Experiments in the Content section.
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content_promo_sitesearchSite Search: Get visitors to their destinations faster

When visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they search. With Site Search reporting in Google Analytics you can find out what your visitors are really looking for. Find missed product opportunities and speed up time to conversion.
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content_promo_inpageIn-Page Analytics: See how visitors move within your site

When looking at Google Analytics reports, sometimes it’s difficult to visualize how visitors navigate on a given website page. Use In-Page Analytics to visually analyze how visitors move around your website.
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content_promo_sitespeedSite Speed Analysis: Uncover problems before your customers do

We all know how frustrating a slow loading website can be and it can even hurt your advertising and search rankings. See how long your pages take to load with the Site Speed report in Google Analytics. Find and fix slow pages and make your visitors happier.
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content_promo_integrationEvent Tracking: Understand what visitors do on your site

It’s really useful to understand how visitors interact with your pages. See how often they’re interacting with Flash and AJAX elements, or clicking the links to download product brochures. You can even set up event tracking to get a more detailed look at how your visitors behave.
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content_promo_adsenseMake your Advertising program more effective

AdSense lets bloggers and content publishers make money from their ads. Google Analytics can directly import AdSense data to help you display your ads in the best possible place on your site.
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Review of Analytics Goals

Your goals need to be reviewed regularly. Changes in the market place will impact your targets. Things like a new product offering, changes in technology or the new marketing campaign of one of your competitors can have a major influence on the goals of your web analytics.

Analyzing Goals

The goals of your web analytics need to be reviewed regularly. We will determine whether the goals set will meet the desired outcome for your site’s performance.

Taking Action

Changes need to be made to your website regularly to meet the goals set. We will make content and development changes that will grow your site and improve it’s performance.

Set A Plan of Action

After our progress analysis we will know which of our previous actions are having a positive impact on our marketing and which ones are not. We will modify or eliminate the changes that have had a negative impact. We continue the actions that have had a positive impact. And we will brainstorm and come up with new changes to make to improve performance.

Monitor Progress

We will provide you with regular reports that will show you how the traffic to your website is improving over time.

Progress Analysis

Monthly – Weekly – Daily

Progress analysis can be performed on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis. Depending on the time sensitivity of a marketing campaign you may need to monitor the pages your traffic is arriving from in order to determine which promotions are working and which ones are not. This will help you allocate the rest of your resources for the remainder of the campaign.