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According to media reports about leaked Windows 8.1 code, the next incarnation of Microsoft’s flagship operating system will have an option to boot directly to the desktop. People have discovered ‘references to a “CanSuppressStartScreen” option in early builds of the Windows 8.1 registry.’ There is also speculation that Microsoft will be re-implementing the Start button, though the claims come from nebulous ‘sources,’ rather than the leaked code. In light of recent reporting about the general distaste and design flaws of Windows 8’s user interface, will Microsoft’s updates be dynamic enough to stop the current Windows exodus?


My .02 ents,

I obtained a leaked copy and was able to run it on a Virtual Machine (test setup).  My major noticable “Like”, was that the Start button makes a return.  Still not glorious as it always was, but with it returning, it shows that Microsoft didn’t listen when people have been using the Start Button for the past 18 years.   I still see we are transitioning to Touchscreen interfaces.  Now that is one more confirmation the end to the Start Button is coming, but what I miss entirely, is removing the Administrative tools/Control Panel.  As the IT guy, the new Settings menu is, just junk.  Yes I can open up a device manager window, and pretty much change any hardware details.   With Windows 8, we see the end user’s ability to dig deeper into the unknown.  The new interface is about getting to your Application faster.  Setting enough space for you to place just about EVERYTHING you would want to need in one window.

I’m old skool.  I have to have a clean/clear/empty desktop, void of icons, or any kind of distractions.  Pressing the Start Button on my keyboard just opens up(unhides) the Taskbar, and presents me a menu.  In most cases, I hit the Up-arrow on the keyboard to the search bar box, in which I type up the command or app name. (CMD, NOTEPAD, etc)

I know this can be done in Windows 8 as well.  But the Start Menu is opposite of what I’ve been trained to be used to for the past 17 years.

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