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This is an article about a search engine that is designed to look for devices on the net that are not really intended to be viewed and used by the general public. Devices include pool filters, skating rink cooling system, and other goodies. ‘Shodan runs 24/7 and collects information on about 500 million connected devices and services each month. It’s stunning what can be found with a simple search on Shodan. Countless traffic lights, security cameras, home automation devices and heating systems are connected to the Internet and easy to spot. Shodan searchers have found control systems for a water park, a gas station, a hotel wine cooler and a crematorium. Cybersecurity researchers have even located command and control systems for nuclear power plants and a particle-accelerating cyclotron by using Shodan. … A quick search for “default password” reveals countless printers, servers and system control devices that use “admin” as their user name and “1234” as their password. Many more connected systems require no credentials at all — all you need is a Web browser to connect to them.


My .02 cents.

Well, and you have to call the search engine Shodan.   Well why not just remove the ethics from Shodan, and just let her have at all devices still set on their default passwords.   She could gain eyes all around the world through all the IP Cameras connected.  When it comes to communicating you have cellphones, and various IPX devices people don’t know how to secure from a plugged in ethernet cord.   Then when we talk about industrial systems connected to the internet, you have plenty of huge hardwares that could be under Shodan’s control.

here is Edward Diago, to hire his cyber hacker who wants a military spec cyber implant.  6 month waiting time.


(System Shock Reference)

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