New Changes Coming

It’s been awhile since we have posted anything on our site.  We have a slew of new articles scheduled for the upcoming months regarding your typical IT problems with Tips, Suggestions, and How To’s.  We also have a few changes going on behind the scenes with’s domain.  We started a new transition to move everything directly to our “www” address.  We will move our blog.snxconsulting portion of the domain to be specifically for our articles.

We have a sister domain, we have implemented our new Support Ticket system to better track your issues.  As a short notice to all our clients we will be implementing a new Support Ticket system, so we can better track issues our clients experience. With our new Ticketing system, we can help resolve reoccurring issues better, resolve  them faster based on organized notes about each incident tracked by our Ticketing system.

This means, becoming more efficient when handling our client’s daily issues.  January 1st 2017, we will be requiring our clients to submit new tickets using this system.  We know this means something tedious for the end-users (documenting).  So we made sure to make this ticketing system simple. There is a specific page that can be Favorited or Bookmarked, on your staff’s web browsers.  Head directly to our support page  Then click the link to “Submit New Ticket”.  Only one page to fill out.

  1. Enter a Subject of your issue,
  2. Select a Priority, (From Low to Critical)
  3. Select a Category, (90% its Help Desk)
  4. Optional: Add files/pictures/screenshots/etc
  5. Tell us what the issue is about, include any relevant details pertaining to the problem. Can you recreate the problem, tell us how.
  6. Press the “SUBMIT TICKET” button.
  • As dictated by CSA/SLA contract terms, determines your office’s available support response time for Tickets submitted. Residential Support Agreements are available on a per-session terms.
  • Priority Responses: (ticket priority usage “guidelines”)
    • Low – minor issues that do not complicate daily business activities. (24 hour responsiveness)
    • Normal – troubleshooting issues that slow business activities (4-8 hour responsiveness)
    • Elevated – application/file access/network issues that stops business activities (2 – 4 hour responsiveness)
    • High – Server is Offline, Telecommunications Offline, Internet Down! (1 hour response, instant chat)
    • Critical – I smell smoke, it is coming from the server room (Instant Response, Chat, Callback)
  • Who are allowed to use said Priorities?
    • Low through Elevated: is available to all our clients even residential.
    • High and Critical: Only available to clients with CSA/SLA contract terms.
      • If an accidentally submitted higher priority ticket for a lower priority issue happens, the ticket will be changed to the proper priority. Response will be given based on CSA/SLA contract terms.

We eCommerce! (soon)

We recently decided to clear out our office inventory of equipment, parts, computers, printers, network switches, wireless access points and more. (We have some R/C helicopters too) We will open up the eCommerce store mid-January, and we will have something a bit extra for its opening too. (If you are a Star Wars fan)


That pretty much wraps up this post.  SNX Consulting, is continuing to grow with our current clients. While we stay focused on IT related matters, we eliminated our side jobs to better keep to what we do best.  Solving IT problems.

Joseph Forbes (691)

Information Technology Consultant. For SMB, SOHO, and Online business. From Computers to Telecommunications this guy has been into it since hippies made it hip. Drone Pilot and Tech Aficionado I get to travel the State of Texas to help businesses succeed.