This notice is for ourselves and anyone using our hosted WordPress solutions (At the time of this writing, no one but us… and our sister domain uses this)  Backup and Restore was successful.  We tested our backup solution, and restored everything successfully.  No crashes or failures and restore was a working backup copy.
Success, our website is still online, and we didn’t break anything (serious).
This notification is & will be used in the future for when we process our monthly maintenance schedules for our clients.
FYI – We run backups on the weekend (Sundays typically), as for restores, we will test the backups but hope we will never need to use them.  We will keep up to two months of previous backups of our hosted websites.
Worst case scenarios we should have everything imaged and ready to restore when we are informed of a situation that requires it.  For the pro-active approach we have monitoring installed for Website Availability, SEO stats, and Analytics.  We offer additional services like Defense Hardening of your website, and active monitoring for SPAMMERS and Splogging. (spam blogging)

Joseph Forbes (691)

Information Technology Consultant. For SMB, SOHO, and Online business. From Computers to Telecommunications this guy has been into it since hippies made it hip. Drone Pilot and Tech Aficionado I get to travel the State of Texas to help businesses succeed.