The installation/setup is complete. ( Is now online, and functioning. I type this up because now I am going to backup everything, BREAK THIS, then restore. Fingers crossed this goes right as planned.
Step 1. Finish setting everything up, check settings, make everything work initially.
Step 2. Confirm you are not insane and everything does in fact work.
Step 3. Backup, make another backup (for just in case), insanity begins.
Step 4. Begin breaking things. Oh, I dunno, lets wipe the database clean with a script that says “null it all”
Step 5. Website should be broken. I mean come on, we wiped the database. I would have done a “Drop All” command, but Null all values still works.
Step 6. Is it broke? (yep, Getting a 503 error, maybe some 404s?)
Step 7. Restore backup. (did we test the backup?), no that’s why we made two backups.
Step 8…..
Step 9. troubleshoot.
Step 10. Success! (Luck would have it, a backup worked)
Step 10b. Failure! (Luck would have it, a backup failed)