I’m a huge fan of Reddit.  And therefore I should express myself through my own and someday submit the post on Reddit…   for KARMA!


However I’m not a karma guy, and I’d much prefer to just post here on my own site to use as an example for others to know.  My own team, and many friends would love to know more about how I work.  On a typical day, I carry around a older NEC laptop bag, which has two main compartments (one for laptop, other for papers and misc.) a outside pocket, and a storage pocket.

First main inner pocket, I typically store my iPad2, and a HP Mini. Instead of a typical laptop, i can carry two smaller portable pieces of technology.  Secondly my primary laptop is a Dell Studio 1730. A 17″ laptop doesn’t fit in the main inner pocket. So a iPad and HP mini does the trick.

  • iPad2 (64GB, WiFi & 3G)
  • HP Mini (1.66Ghz Atom, 2GB DDR2, 128GB SSD.


Second main inner pocket, I typically store my cables, adapters, paperwork, external drive(s) and various tools.

  • left side pocket (USB Cables, HDMI 6′, iPod USB, USB Mini & Micro cables, and 6′ USB Extention
  • right side pocket, 2x Bluetooth adapters, P/S2 to USB, various USB adapters, HDMI to HDMI-micro, Wifi signal tester, USB blanks, 32 in 1 Memory card reader, VGA to DVI, various audio cables, and adapters.
  • Skullcandy Titans
  • Western Digital USB3.0 750GB HDD, Toshiba DVD-/+RW DL
  • Cleaning cloth, and CD/DVD Clean Disc.
  • Universal micro screw driver/set.




Outer Front pocket, I normally store my essentials.  Memory key drives, various memory sticks (desktop, laptop DDR & DDR2)

  • 3x USB Memory drives (Sandisk 4GB, 8GB & 16GB
  • 2xUSB DC Charger & 4xUSB AC-DC Charger
  • Sandisk USB to Micro USB adapter, and SD/Mini/Micro
  • Extra Memory,  2GB DDR2 Desktop & 2GB DDR2 SO-DIMM (laptop), 2GB, 4GB MicroSD, 2GB MemoryPro
  • SquareUp adapter, PayPal RSA Token key, Microfiber cloth cleaner
  • Various Pens (Sharpies, and erasable Pencil)
  • Lockpick Kit, Drive Caddy lockkey, Business Cards, laser pointer/presentation remote


Pretty much, I have everything necessary to take with me for the job.  I have many other custom tool bags, that are suited for their specific purposes (Printers, Network, Security, Construction, Camping, Cars, etc), In most cases most of my work is literally in front of a computer screen (or two, or four)


The outer pocket holds, T-Mobile MyTouch4G, Monster Cable 3-AC port Surge Suppressor (+1USB port), a Enercel Universal AC/DC Laptop Charger, My Dell Discs case which include.

  • Microsoft MSDN Discs (Win XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, 2008/R2, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL)
  • Driver Sets (Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, Asus, GigaBtye, Canon, OkiData, etc)
  • Various Linux Installs (Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu, MINT, BackTrack)
  • Applications Disc (Office, Adobe, various application specifics).

In all, this is most of what I carry around with me wherever I go.  There is a purpose for everything, and there is enough technology in this bag, that most situations are completely covered.

What I carry in my pocket is different…  I don’t carry a firearm, because I don’t seriously believe my job requires it.  What I do carry is a trusty knife (Gerber) 6″, Sprint HTC TouchPro, 4GB Sand


isc Titanium, Jawbone ERA, pen, and a 15+ year old leather wallet.  Yup, I still use the same old wallet I had in high school.  I keep time with a Timex Ironman

Some of the items on the key chain are handy tools, like a Energizer LED light (CR2032), key 5in1 knife/tool, and inside my wallet are more tools.  Bottle Opener Card, 9in1 tool Card, custom made RFID, Credit Cards & more business cards.

Pretty much anything I can carry in my pockets can be stowed away into the carry bag.  Very helpful when you have to start crawling around and stuff in the pockets blow.

Joseph Forbes (691)

Information Technology Consultant. For SMB, SOHO, and Online business. From Computers to Telecommunications this guy has been into it since hippies made it hip. Drone Pilot and Tech Aficionado I get to travel the State of Texas to help businesses succeed.