We have successfully deployed our own On-Premise / Self Hosted Mesh Central server. Still in it’s current state, we are deploying Agents to our clients, and monitoring the telemetry that our Mesh Agents gather.

Q: What is MeshCentral? A: MeshCentral is a Open Source Remote Monitoring and Management Web Service.

We shifted from past RMM tools over the years, and found that costs, and benefits of those pricey tools conflicted with our Promise to provide a value based service to our clients. MeshCentral offers those same benefits, but with a huge Technical Requirement to maintain it. Which is something we can do at SNX Consulting.

Mesh Central provides a Remote Desktop, Remote Monitoring & Management capabilities. Using PowerShell scripts through Terminal sessions, it is also possible to send/receive files through this system. It is developed with Security First Hand. As our installation uses the higher than standard Encryption requirements. We also use 2nd Form Authentication & Token Key level of security to ensure access to the core of the Mesh Central system is restricted. Which for physical access, to the server itself is behind multiple locks, and using BitLocker encryption for the drives, and a ISO standard Lock access to the servers themselves.

Our customizations to MeshCentral lets us include a deployment of Managed Anti Virus, Anti Malware, and Cloud Backup capabilities. We found ways to cut costs. As of this writing, we have migrated half of our clients’ devices to our Mesh Agents, and with no noticeable problems so far. We hope to reach our theoretical limit of 500 end-point agents over the next six months. As we stress test.

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