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Hey All,

Well I haven’;t had the time until lately to get back to putting things back together.  I’ve been patiently waiting for all my spare parts and replacements to come in.  Thus far, I got my 8-LED Nav light kit, which adds realism to the Littlebird.  The kit is easy to install, it comes down to where do we want to install the lights.

I like the non-missile pod look of the FX070c much better than with missile pods.  later on I intend on adding the pods back, but with something functional instead of aesthetics.

2015-06-05 14.51.59  Red beacon LED lights on the tail, top and bottom white strobe 2015-06-05 14.51.53lights.  Navigation Green and Red on the sides where the missile pods attach. I had to use a 13/64 sized drill bit to make a hole big enough for the LED and their holders.

Once all put back together the lights will let me fly and see where it is at a distance.  I’ve been able to fly it around the house, and my T-plug to XT60 wire gets here so I can use my bigger batteries.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giIU-RaS9Ck]


I also ended up using my last spare set of gears.  I will now pay more attention to my tall grass, and rough concrete landings.  I’ve been pretty good about flying it lately.  Didn’t realize how quickly I can chip teeth off the main gear, or strip the tail gear from external contact, or hard vibrations.  Putting it all back together I made sure every screw was tight.

I think I’ll keep the black landing balls, they absorb the take off vibrations. I’ll have to also pay attention more to slow spin up. Instead of quick throttle up.  Spin up slowly until it starts to vibrate on the ground. Then when ready to take off, quickly throttle to pull off the ground. Once in the air, I want as much fly time before I have to land.

2015-06-01 19.33.31The motor gears are metal(copper), versus the plastic gears. The main gear I’ve chipped teeth, and can still fly right.  You end up hearing a “knock.. clacking” sound from the skipped gear.   Eventually this leads to stripped teeth, and you have yourself a whole section of main gear never touching the motor pinion gear.  Tail gear as well. If the tail blade stops, the metal gear will eat through those teeth.

At RCGroups.com, I found alternative helicopter models that use same gearing. So I found it quite a bit cheaper to buy just the plastic gears, instead of buying whole tail motor 2015-06-04 15.11.47assembly when all I need is just the plastic gear.  The Wltoys v912 heli uses the same tail gear.  The FX067 uses the same main gear.  On Banggood.com, I can order those gears alone for less than $5 including shipping, than to buy a tail assembly $8, main gear and metal shaft $7.

2015-06-01 19.33.09I’ll find out if the FX071 has the same gear size set, pretty soon. I ordered each from the v912, 067 & 071, which from a earlier order I already ordered another tail assembly, and main gear set.  never hurts to have spare parts. (enough to build a second FX070c)

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