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Over the past month many of the “replacement parts” I ordered ahead of time, have finally arrived.  For the most part, other hobbyists suggested to always have spare parts. Just in case of crashes, or defects.  I am aware of something weird with my Littlebird.  After the crash a few weeks ago, I’ve reluctantly been flying without changing anything.  (Get as much practice as I can with the defects, so that when I do fix it all, it will fly right)

2015-05-07 09.06.06Being sick over the past four weeks, catching up on work, and other life realities have taken the high priority over this thing.  But I finally got a few hours, and I’m tearing down the FX070c for a full look inside, and we’ll replace some parts as well.   The Chassis is the main thing that needs to be replaced.

After the crash, the left side of the chassis sustained more damage, which also happens to be the side the internal mounts attach to when it comes to stability.  After my last flight, I realized the “wobble” in my flight was due to the PCB RX controller was rattling like crazy inside.  The stability of my FX070c was questionable to servos or motors.

It comes as a surprise that the RX controller is offset by 90 degrees.  Which is where it is clear you just can’t replace this controller with a FX071 or FX056 or similar, even though these three models share the same printed PCB.  One just can not replace the electronics with similar PCB model.

I plan on switching pretty much all the electronics and motors in this thing with brushless motors & ESCs, CC3D OpenPilot Controller, and possibly GPS, Bluetooth(telemetry), FPV Camera.  Beforehand I’ll add some lights for darker/night time flying.  I’ll have to add a spot light for my heli when I add the FPV camera.

I’m upgrading the factory battery from the LiPo 1100mAh 3S, 11.1v battery to a LiPo 2000mAh 3S 11.1v battery.  This should nearly double my fly time, but will require a lot of practice once the battery weight takes over for the front nose weights.

Most of this will be figured out as I go along.  However much of my information comes from RCGroups.com, 2015-05-05 17.26.54where I found thread specifically for the FX070c.  They also led me to the BangGood website for ordering this thing.


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