I get to go out of town for a camping trip, and what do I do with my time? I fly my spare FX070c. It has been awhile since I last posted. Time has been spent on various software projects, and now that the major hurdles are over with. I got some time away.  (Like literally months ago, these videos were recorded before November 2015)

 I am flying my secondary FX070c, only thing modified in this is weight in the nose.  I spent most of my flights in “Easy”, because I wasn’t sure how this secondary FX070c would handle.

 My Primary FX070c was fixed and ready to go, but I didn’t have a box to carry it in.  I still had the box and the secondary FX was fixed and ready to go, boxed and all.   So the choice was easy, snag a few spare batteries, and go camping in a full truck.

I switched batteries, and actually took off, in ‘Advance’ mode after resync’ing the controller. Still controllable. .

I have since taken a few more videos since the camping trip.  I eventually started using the BlackView Hero 1, for a dash camera.  Drivers in San Antonio all Suck Ass “Dee SA Essay”(tm) I also don’t like the “fisheye” wide angle lens, so things didn’t look all that great after comparing with a SJ7000.