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This will be the last month SNX Consulting will be using Soluto for our Support Agent (client) for our subscribers.  We have used Soluto for over a year to provide remote services and automated maintenance for our subscribers.  Unfortunately, Soluto has been bought up by a bigger company, and their direction on how Soluto works, has changed.

This means, SNX Consulting won’t be continuing our use of Soluto.  Instead we switch to a Licensed version of TeamViewer.  Normally we prefer a more direct method of remote support, TeamViewer offers many of the same features that Soluto provides, and its cost is really up there.  However, a license was on sale, and we got one, just in time.

So what does this mean to our clients who are currently subscribed to our SAS45 (Soluto) service?   Our clients will receive two months of free service beginning January 1st 2015.  Two months of support calls, and our help desk support for free until February.

As we switch our payment processing to PayPal (yeah, we gave in to what people use most)

If you have any questions, let us know.  Contact us at Support@snxconsulting.com with any questions. If you are not a current subscriber, you can send us a join request and benefit from the FREE HELP DESK SERVICE for two months. Email CustServ@snxconsulting.com to join.  We will setup your account, all you need to do is install TeamViewer.

Our download agents can be found at www.swapnetx.com/helpdesk/

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