from the houston-we-have-a-problem dept.

Thousands of PCs have been crippled by a faulty update from security vendor Malwarebytes that marked legitimate system files as malware code. The update definition meant Malwarebytes’ software treated essential Windows.dll and .exe files as malware, stopping them running and thus knocking IT systems and PCs offline, leaving lots of unhappy users and one firm with 80% of its servers offline.

My .02 Cents.

 It happens.  But I don’t necessarily need a Anti Malware software installed on my machine 24/7.  I love its portability, and I paid for a copy to use for my customers when it is needed.  I find Most protection software are not necessary for 24/7 protection for many users.  Anywho,  the issue at AntiMalwareBytes is resolved on the next definition update.  Just a reminder, people should just be more mindful in the responsibilities department for their own devices.

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