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We are a small business with big aspirations that leads us to where we need talent that works best when comfortable means progress.  Looking for team members who collaborate best when a project just speaks to them.  

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SNX Consulting is based on a “work from home” office model.  Yes that means we want our team members to have a home office environment, be able to respond to emails during business hours.  Looking for a way to express your talents is what we want most out of our team members. 

Our 2019 outlook for the year says we need more WordPress Website Developers. Skillful talent that can express our client needs, from Tree Trimming, Chiropractic to Construction and Engineering we have clients that need fresh new ideas. 

Teams & Open Positions

We have needs which, you need money to satisfy our needs.  So let’s make a deal here, We will give you a paycheck, you work for us!  Sounds good? 

WordPress Web Designer

Seeking a Full-Time, WordPress Web Designer to join our online marketing department. If you are a web designer with strategic business know-how and creative marketing skills…

User Interface Designer

For WordPress our clients often use their templates. Sometimes Divi. The front end of wordpress websites are visual masterpieces your skill can provide..

Develop customer visual interfaces for commerce to healthcare..

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Content Writer

You have the ability to create conversation with your writing skills. Don’t fret, we proofread before deploying too.  

Sometimes the client needs inspiration and pep-talk is a method we need from you.

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Content Strategist

I know this is about how to present the design of your skill, it also means how social media obtains that message as well.  SEO skills

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Systems & Network Engineers

We are looking for experienced Windows Administrators, to support our client environments using automation and established support procedures. Part-Time 


Troubleshoot hardware problems on multiple makes and models of desktop computers and servers,

Work with end-users on the phone to troubleshoot problems remotely – you must have good people skills. This is a customer facing position and you will be out in the field daily.

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Virtual Machines & Remote

Many of our clients we offer support by remote. Remote Desktop, or our internal Remote Management and Monitoring agent. 

Virtual Machine deployments, and configurations are often required. Managing SCCM, MDT, and Hyper-V very helpful.

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Servers and Workstations

Our market is primarily Dell/EMC, but often times we have Lenovo, HPe equipment too. Servers, VoIP, and end-point 

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IT Manager (vCIO)

We are looking for a multitalented Manager, maybe 40 hours a week tops, a person to help guide the next level MSP stack we use. Document Management and SharePoint expert. Help digitize our workflow documents.

Human Resources

We are not big enough to have HR, but when we do, the office secretary is probably your best best. He or She!? could be over worked 20hrs, and barely knows where that one file you are looking for is.

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Communication Manager

The best part of being the Lead, is once you got the process down, you feel like it is automated.  This in turn makes you our “Radar, Corporal..” We rely on you to keep the customers from driving the engineers crazy.

Phone skills, and Personable skills are required. While you have free nerd support for your own needs, we offer a nice substitution to joining the Dark side.   We have cookies. 

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Our Office

Right now, we have a “home office” Small Office Home Office business we have a comfortable balance for our team members. Eventually we want “THAT” office. a Open Office where our Techs, Admins, and Services team members have a place to escape home. 

Perks & Benefits

For 2019, we do not have any “perks” or benefits. We are a “low overhead” business which we try to pass onto our team members. Profits low, Reinvestment high.  

Competitive Salary

From sales commissions to reasonable hourly rates $25/hr. We have negotiable salaries which can include monthly residuals from client relation management.

Daily Lunch

We take lunch seriously, however work sometimes forces us to focus on the problem, and skip our lunch breaks.  But we sure do take our hour+ lunch breaks.



This is Texas, we don’t have healthcare.  We do have healthcare options. With higher than minimum wage pay, we hope at some point we can offer our team and their family healthcare.

Annual Company Trip

This is a gimmick, we call it a trip, but you and I both know, it is a company training event or conference. We all know at some point the hotel bar is going to kick us out of it.

Paid Parental Leave

We are all parents here, and paid parental leave is what we ourselves want, but can’t have because big toddler baby’s with orange tans seem to think we should all work 24/7.   Again, we have no paid leave.

Targeted Bonus Program

This I support 100%, if you are busting ass for the company, then you deserve a bonus.  Our pay model is, the more you excel with us, the more we’ll incentivize you to stay with us.

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