I am announcing we have our own Minecraft server. I probably mentioned this through various social networks, but here on snxconsulting.com. I’ve kept the personal side of projects separate. However, it’s time to post the details here on snx consulting.

I personally host on a Dell PowerEdge R410(ii), two Minecraft dedicated server instances with enough memory and processing for 100 connected users. Java, and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Both are fully online, and have actually been worked on for many years prior to this announcement. Both worlds have enough survival supplies that when you join, you’ll start as survival, but you’ll be able to “gear up” upon joining. Just follow the paths, and you’ll find…

To join our JAVA Minecraft server, just point your Minecraft client to “snx2.dyndns.org” (default port 25565). The server is open, but also set to TRUE for being ONLINE, only allowing registered users to join this dedicated server. No vandalism, or cheating allowed. There is one section on our world map, that is perfect for grief destruction, and it’s a huge hollowed out cave,

To join our BEDROCK Minecraft server, just point your Minecraft client to “snx2.dyndns.org” (default port 19132). Yeah, I made this easy. Default ports are forwarded to their respective Dedicated servers. Both Minecraft servers are set to check your client with Mojang / Microsoft authentications. We do have a Whitelist in place to lock down who are OPs members.

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