Determined the issue was the HTTP redirect service, detected the AD DS and a IIS instance running on Port 80. So even if we got MeshCentral settings fixed, Node.js service running the “wrapper” that hosts the MeshCentral website, kept detecting Port 80 in use. This breaks the Let’s Encrypt SSL service, and everything gets messed up.

So. we figured it out.

Then, here comes CPS Energy. A Power Outage. Everything gets powered down. Estimated Power back on, is after 2PM.

So what this means is, we are RMM-less for the next few hours. (we have a backup plan. But it would be very annoying to deploy it now, and then the power comes back on, and we just did all that work for nothing. Well… The Work being, completion of transfer/migration. That’s a different plan for later on down the line.

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