Hi everyone!

This past week has been a roller-coaster of events. My father (Milton H Forbes) also known as “Joe”, live(d) in Sumas Washington. Essentially a stone throw away from the I-5 highway, leading into Canada’s Border. On Monday (11/15/21) A “Pacific River” was dropped on British Columbia and Northern Washington state. The large Nooksack River and local creeks all flooded. This displaced a whole lot of people in Sumas, Lynden, and surrounding farms.

Tuesday (11/16) my father was displaced to a shelter until his health began to deteriorate. Joe, is fighting lung cancer again. A few years prior he had successfully beat the same cancer. These recent events, has put a set back to his soon to begin treatments. Being displaced, put a big dent on his breathing. While at the shelter Joe contracted Covid-19.

Wednesday (11/17) Joe informs me he isn’t doing so well, and was heading to the hospital due to respiratory distress. While at St. Josephs Hospital, he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and pneumonia. During his Monday rescue, Joe suffered from Hypothermia. When he was rescued by boat.

Thursday (11/18) St Josephs Hospital had already begun the treatments for covid-19, and steroids for his pneumonia in which his recovery was “spotty” at best. His communication with me slowed down, and I was definitely looking to book my flight to Washington.

Friday (11/19) Joe informs me he is recovering. At this point, local friends and church members helped inform him of his living and vehicle situation. Joe’s vehicle was flooded, and his older vehicle was worse off. His apartment was flooded as well. However a good portion of his belonging were lost/destroyed by the flooding. Those same friends/locals did help salvage many of his things and put them in a safe storage.

Saturday (11/20) Joe is feeling better, but he HAS covid-19. Guidelines is going to isolate him once he is discharged from the hospital. Joe has a place to stay as he recovers over the next few weeks. His personal belongings and pet (dog) are safe with friends.

Sunday (11/21) St Josephs Hospital will be discharging Joe on Monday. I may be able to see him after I land. I will be following mask and covid guidelines. I hope on Tuesday 23rd, I can take a few moments to fly a drone over a few places I’ve been to, and obtain some after aerial views. I discovered I do have “Before” videos of the Sumas, and Lynden areas from pre-COVID years. Joe is in recovery now. I believe at best he is getting plenty of rest and treatment, in order to be discharged tomorrow.

https://gofund.me/a5e0f37b… Here is the GoFundMe link. I will be posting more updates between here and on GoFundMe.

Monday (11/22) My flight from San Antonio International(SAT) to Seattle-Tacoma International(SEA) is with Alaska Air, Flight 647. Arrive in Seattle around 750pm.

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