We were able to resolve out Outgoing Email issues. Apparently we were able to receive emails from our clients, but couldn’t respond to them. This was due to our Email Server’s IP address was flagged for SPAM. This was due to our Shared hosting account shared IP, was unfortunately apart of a shared hosting account, which was compromised. A Spammer used the other hosted account to SPAM emails to other users.

This meant, the IP address our server used, was blacklisted. CSI, is a rating service that helps determine which servers on the internet are “bad” reputation. Bigger email service providers use CSI to help mitigate SPAM. And this meant SNX Consulting was on that list. Not on purpose though. It was specifically the IP address of our web hosting server.

The solution was simple, report what I was reported as why our Email Server’s IP was being blocked. Informed our Service Provider about it. Their Abuse dept, investigated and resolved the issue.

Now… This may also resolve or bring to light the problem we have had with our RMM service sending out emails. This may have been the cause over the past few months why our RMM hasn’t sent out emails, but we totally expected it to.

We will investigate that issue this week. Even though we came up with a alternative solution for how we send notifications through our Slack Channel versus by Email.

Customer Service (2)

Customer Service / Client Service, the point of this job is provide a helpful service to our End Users. Making sure they can trust our support and with short effort, keep business functioning. CustServ is our Support Liaison between End User, and Tech Monkeys