We are having some email issues… Simply put, we can receive your emails, but cannot respond/reply to them. Depending on the Receiver, if they have CSI which is a anti-spam service provider for their mail hosting service. Our end of things report that a Shared Host on our IP, is sending spam. Since our Web Hosting is shared, and pretty much our domain is not the ONLY domain to our IP address, it is possible a different account is compromised, and SPAM sending.

So what are we doing about this?

Well, we already contacted CSI, and they gave us a clue! RAGING CLUE!

We reported the issue to our Hosting provider and have received notice of a investigation. That is all we know. As for our services under this shared hosting account? We are still secure. We just happen to be bystanders in the situation. We already use alternative communication methods with our clients. So, expect more Chat in Slack or Teams with our clients’ office staff.

Joseph Forbes (691)

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