We are going to inform all of our clients, through this “blog”, and our weekly newsletters (which repeats these posts in a digest form) of our new Weekend policies to automating Updates, and Critical Patches. Now that we have our MeshCentral is a stable (and still developing) condition, we are putting together our scripts that push/force the processes of “running updates”.

This means, we plan on performing on the 2nd weekend of every month, Windows Updates, Application Updates, Clearing & Cleaning of cache/temp files/Recycle Bin, Pretty much the routine to make sure your networks, workstations and servers are maintained. Starting in December, these processes will be performed on Friday 11pm – Saturday 2am. This four hour window is our entire process to ensure, Backups, Updates, Remedies, Uptime remains top priority.

We use PowerShell scripts to perform our automation, but sometimes… that doesn’t work. So we can manually Remote into workstations/servers that are online, and perform those processes manually.

This does mean, we work on scheduled weekend(s).

How does our process work? Like with any Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) system, our End-Point Agent software will allow us to run Terminal/Console commands by remote. Using Terminal access we will upload a unique PowerShell script to be ran locally on each workstation/server. This customized PowerShell script will call commands from the Windows Management Interface (WMI) which allows us to call up processes that are built into the Windows Operating System.

Since a lot of our clients, we have Standardized your infrastructure, we will keep tabs on these processes, and any errors.

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