We narrow down our Web Development services since losing our Developer earlier this year. Due to health reasons, I am phasing out any new Web Development Projects, and will only remain maintaining our existing client Web Services. Current Web Services include, maintaining the “backend” of your websites. That is more or less “Administrative” in nature when it comes to maintaining a website.

Whether you are hosted with 1and1, GoDaddy, NameCheap, RackSpace, or BlueHost… The options available that our clients use, is what keeps us discovering, why it is important we “standardize” Website Services. With our existing clients currently using WordPress as their Content Management System, we will continue to help automate and perform Updates to the WordPress Core, and Plugins. We will continue to resolve any problems that occur after updates are applied.

We perform these tasks every Saturday evening between 10pm CST to 1am Sunday morning. 90% of the time, updates never breaks a thing, but once in awhile something fails, and we get the automated report. We use WPMUDEV.org as one of our Premium services, which I use to provide Security, Functionality, and eCommerce.

From now on, our Maintenance schedule is bi-weekly. This does mean, you’ll see plug-ins that need to be updated during the week. Decision was made to scale down the automated updating process. Previously, some Plugins would crash a client’s hosting services for hours. And the problem was simply a process order in performing updates.

So we slow things down a bit. Beginning of the month, first weekend and the third weekend of the month.

Customer Service (2)

Customer Service / Client Service, the point of this job is provide a helpful service to our End Users. Making sure they can trust our support and with short effort, keep business functioning. CustServ is our Support Liaison between End User, and Tech Monkeys