Its been over 10 months since the last post, and I can’t believe I’ve missed so many announcement updates. But that is what happens when we do not have a full time (part time) marketing person.

So what’s happened since last year?

We have broken the v1.0 barrier for MeshCentral Then this means our RMM tool is reaching a point where we are mature for our platform. MeshCentral Agents can use Intel AMT, and CIRA to communicate with the Central Server. We are working on improving the User Interface on the Dashboard end. Added more security and fixed more bugs.

We are hiring! I m looking for a L1/L2 experienced Help Desk “Engineer”. The job listing sites out there all play with the job titles, so to describe the role, would be to say, “You’ll do a bit of everything!” From End User technical support specialty, to troubleshooting networking or telecommunications issues. To knowing the various software/applications/vendors…
But the job is Work From Home, and requires very little to no “On-Site” needs. With that said, the position is not entry level.

Looking for :
5 – 10 Years experience

Training or Experiences with A+, Network+, Server+ CompTIA level materials. Microsoft Professional Certifications, and related technologies.
Although our clientele can be “current” with technology, we often work with devices that are way past their prime. So with that said, Windows Vista, and Server 2008 is as old as we will allow. So if you have skills with troubleshooting from Windows 7 days, then you have the experience.

We are also looking for a WordPress Developer. This position has potential to be a permanent revenue source for us, and we are specifically looking for a WordPress “backend” Developer. Most work is customizing WP and working with our clients on customizing their Experiences with WordPress. Simple description is, we will strip down a WordPress Dashboard to meet the requirements the client needs for their “Online” business. 100% white-labeling and walkthrough documentation.

Joseph Forbes (691)

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